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"Our only job is to get you more calls, clicks and form submissions."

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Our only job is to get you more clicks, calls and form submissions!  Northeast Advertising Solutions has been delivering successful Google, Bing and Facebook campaigns since 2013. We work with budgets that range from $500 up to $10,000 or more per month. Our reporting can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly. Give us 90 days and we will change the way you not only think about your advertising but will deliver the kind of results that make an impact on your bottom line.  


Everything is reported to you! 24/7 access to your results. All of our Paid Search campaigns include call tracking and organic vs. paid search tracking. 

Get analytics, search rankings, leads, phone calls, paid search data, and much more consolidated in our industry leading dashboard.

If you don’t track every lead, you can’t accurately measure campaign results. Add tracking numbers to your website with our JavaScript number replacer.

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Video Production for TV, Social Media, Paid Search Campaigns, PR, Special Events, Email Campaigns… 

Northeast Advertising Solutions

Northeast Advertising Solutions is a Rhode Island based digital marketing firm that offers a client a chance to succeed online. We leverage the power of SEO, PPC, Video, Social Media and Content to win more customers for our clients.    

Founded in 2013

Tel. 855-343-0350

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Office: 469 Centerville Rd. STE 106 Warwick, RI 02886